It is your unlucky day. You are locked out of the car, and in other words the keys are inside the car while you are hopelessly staring at them through the window from the outside. You are stressed out, annoyed, angry and asking yourself “Is there a car locksmith near me?”

Car Lockout? Spare Car Key Needed? Ignition Jammed? Car Key stuck in the ignition? Locked your keys in your car? Car lock replacement needed?

Car lockouts happen to the best of us and 24 Seven Locksmith Calgary are here to assist you with your trouble. We can not only unlock the doors of your car or trunk, but we also promise affordable prices. We do what we do best, and you will be back in your car on the road in a blink.

Car Unlock Calgary

Local Auto Locksmith Services

Give us a call today at 647-325-7233 and our representatives will dispatch our top expert locksmiths to solve any of your urgent or not-so-urgent but equally important lock and key related requests.

Are you in a safe location?

It is important to make sure that you are in the safe location. Is it late at night? Are you in unfamiliar area? Are there people around? Are there dangerous weather conditions?

Your safety is most important and your first step is to find a safe place for yourself to be at in order to work out the next steps of action. Once you feel secure, safe and more or less relaxed, you can start looking for solutions for the vehicle lockout.

Do not try to unlock your car on your own

It is not advisable to try to break into your car by yourself. It might be tempting because you have seen it done on TV so many times. How bad can it get? Unfortunately, it can get from bad to worse in a matter of minutes, causing more harm than good.

Whether you try to break the window with a brick, stick pins in the car lock or pull as hard as you can on the door lock, at the end it won’t give you any solution, you might end up hurting yourself or causing damages much greater than a fee you could have paid to locksmith to unlock your car door in minutes.

Calgary Auto Locksmith service provides:

24/7 emergency lockout services for any types of vehicles

Jammed ignition repair

Auto lock repair

Extraction of broken keys from the car lock or ignition

Calgary auto lockout and automobile locksmith services

Re-key car door

Affordable prices and transparent service

Personal support for every customer 

We are trained and prepared for any types of locksmith situation. We follow the latest industry updates, gadgets, tools and techniques to solve any issue for our customers.

Your Number 1 Car Locksmith Near You

Car Lockout Services

Getting locked out of your own car is a true emergency locksmith moment. In most cases we deal with, lockout needs an urgent attention. We are trained and equipped to provide you with the immediate help.

Our mobile locksmith van is ready to be dispatched at any time of the day. So even if it is 3 am, feel free to give us a call. We have the right tools and we know the right techniques to come and get you out of whatever complication you are. We are your best choice for car locksmith service near you.

We also provide lockout locksmith services in Vancouver and offer various solutions for residential locksmith in Ottawa.


Affordable Prices and Fees

We do not hide information and do not try to trick our customers like many scam locksmiths in the area. Our certified locksmiths can deal with any kind of lockout situations and have the proper tools to work any car key and lock.

We are 24 hour Locksmith Calgary services with fastest response time in Calgary area. Let us show you how to unlock that car in minutes. We are the experts in the industry.